Friday, April 16, 2010

iVictrola iPhone and iPod Touch Amplifier

We all need something which has style and even the technology, this iphone dock is combined with the old looks and with the latest technology. It looks like a antique piece, and it can play ipod for you all day long. Making this an extremely convenient gadget.

It seems almost impossible for there to be no batteries, nor the need for it to be plugged in. Not to mention that this doesn’t use a solar panel or anything else along those lines. Instead it uses an entirely acoustic amplification. The horn is made from metal, which actually maximizes that amplification. The base itself is hand-carved from walnut, that walnut is pulled from remnants of high-end furniture. Unfortunately, this device is fairly expensive, it’ll cost you $400.

Iphone Dew Quiver Shoulder Strap

There are new invention takes place everyday and this is one of them, our life becomes easier by using this things. This strap is very useful as you can adjust the volume from the strap directly, that makes more easier to control the volume.

It’d be nice to have something to carry your small gadgets within that actually does something besides hold onto them. This will control volume and even let you skip between songs. It even has a headphone management system to help you keep things organized. It features stretch fabric that repels water and still allows for the material to breathe. It’s designed for everything from walking around town to more vigorous activities like jogging and biking. You can purchase it for $84.99.

iaPeel Printable Skin for Iphone and Ipod

This year CTIA 2010 was great and lots of gadgets and accessories were there for the launch, i was very much attracted to the iaPeel which is a unusual skin for iphone and ipods, this skins are printable and so we can get anything as a skin on our phone.

For printing this skins on your own you will have to download a special software provided by this company and they you can printing anything off a desk-jet printer.

These iaPeel skins are available for all kinds of mobile devices, and they are very easy to put on. They also have “a built-in precision alignment system that ensures a perfect fit every time”.

Not only are the iaPeel made from a durable material, but you may notice how the skin of this frame blends perfectly with the image on the device’s digital wallpaper. This is all part of the software.

The iaPeel doesn’t have a distributor as yet, but really should. I’m going to help them as much as I can. The cost is estimated to be $29.95 MSRP pakage, with 12 retail packages per box, 4 boxes per case, and one case minimum order. Find out more information about it here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Safari VS Opera Mini on the iPhone

Here there will be comparison between the two most powerful web browsers named Opera Mini versus Safari on the iPhone.

Opera Mini tastes like freedom.


Opera is using its own servers and this is the reason why we get the pages with compression before zipping the smaller versions off to your phone. This is the reason it improves the load times, and even it open mobile optimized. You’ll never see this intermediate step, but it significantly improves load times, even on mobile-optimized sites. The mobile version of, for instance, loaded in 7.1 seconds in Safari and just 3.6 seconds in Opera Mini. Yahoo was even more drastic: 12.1 seconds shrank to just 4.2 seconds. And on non-optimized sites, you’ll see amazing gains. It loaded at a sluggish 23.2 seconds with Safari, but just 8.3 on Opera Mini.

You’ll see the blocky results of this compression if you crank image quality to low in an attempt to wring every bit of speed from this trick, but on the default high setting, the iPhone just doesn’t have enough resolution to tell. We never experienced a significant enough gain in speed to justify changing it, either.

Zooming and Scrolling

Safari makes excellent use of the iPhone’s sensitive multi-touch screen to make panning and resizing pages feel dead intuitive. Opera does not. The browser offers only two zoom levels, which roughly equate to “too big” and “too small.” The zoomed-in version does a good job making text legible on fairly standard pages that lay it out in long columns, but pages that break from this standard tend to pose a real problem.

As with zooming, scrolling just doesn’t work as well with Opera Mini as it does in Safari. Sliding down a long row of text feels jittery and hesitant where Safari would simply glide.


The overall layout of Opera Mini will feel very familiar to Safari users: There’s are URL and Google search bars up top, along with forward, back, reload tabs and settings buttons at the bottom. Rather than taking you through another page to sift through open tabs, Opera displays each one as a tiny thumbnail and lets you page through them without navigating away from the page you’re on. We like it. We also like “full-screen mode,” which strips away the bottom icon bar for just two corner buttons: one that goes back, and one that opens the full slate of options. Although the extra screen you get is miniscule, it makes a difference on the tiny screen.


Both Opera Mini and Safari remember bookmarks in much the same way, but Opera Mini offers a feature more suited to smartphones called Speed Dial. Rather than picking and choosing bookmarks off a linear list, you can add them to Speed Dial, a grid of nine thumb-sized icons. Opera Mini automatically generates thumbnails for every page, and you’ll be presented with the Speed Dial interface every time you open a new tab, making it a snap to pop open a new one and open one of your nine favorite sites.

Extra Features

Besides improving on the way Safari does a number of things, Opera Mini does things Safari just won’t. For instance, you can search within a page to find text you want, just like on a desktop browser. You can save any page you like to the phone so that you can read it later, even when you don’t have Internet service (which should be a boon for subway riders who spend half their commutes in a receptionless tomb). You can save passwords after you enter them into a favorite site – like a forum – so you don’t have to finagle with the iPhone’s keyboard every time you return.


Whether you’re content with Safari or dying to get away from it, you should try Opera Mini to give it a shot. After all, it’s a free download. While we loved the speed, the quirky zooming and scrolling caused a major hangup for us. This is the main way you interact with a browser, and Opera Mini is a major backslide from the perfection of Safari in that regard.

However, the massive speed advantage may make you reconsider whether you can live with a clunkier browsing experience that’s twice as fast.

Having both browsers on your phone is like having a trashed 1989 Camaro with a souped-up V8 and a Buick Century in the garage. We’ll stick with Safari and the Buick for the long hauls – like browsing the Web from the couch, but when you need to find the exact dimensions of your tent at the camping store or reaffirm your superiority in Michael Jackson trivia at the bar with a quick visit to Wikipedia, hop in the Camaro and go with Opera Mini.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iPhone 4.0 features Multitasking

A few days ago we posted a Polish language walk-through of some of the features in the iPhone OS 4. initial beta. Since then, Michael Sherlock put together an English language video of a number of the features present in the new beta.

This video includes brief demos of:
  • Multitasking.
  • Spell check (like on the iPad).
  • Bluetooth keyboard support (again, on the iPad).
  • User-defined wallpaper (a jailbreak favorite).
  • Tap to focus when recording video, just like with photos, and a 5x digital zoom for the camera.
  • Playlist creation and nested playlists.
  • App folders for sorting apps! You can even put an app folder in the dock.
  • Enhanced Mail! You can have a merged inbox view, switch between inboxes quickly, and sync to more than one Exchange account. There's also threaded messaging (at last!) and in-app attachment viewing.
  • iBooks, just like on iPad, only smaller. You can wirelessly sync books between platforms, a la Kindle.
  • Enterprise features, including remote device management and wireless app distribution.
  • Game Center. It's like Xbox Live, but for iPhone games. Includes achievements, leaderboards, and match making. It will be available as a "developer preview," and out for consumers later this year.
This video, though light on depth, will give you an idea on how these features work in practice.

I know one feature that I would like to see has not yet been addressed: the ability to rename Blue-tooth devices. I use three Griffin Blue-Trip Blue-tooth receivers at home and when looking at the Blue-tooth devices in the current version of the iPhone OS, all three come up with the same name and can't be changed. I'd like the ability to rename Blue-tooth devices so I can get a handle on which Blue-Trip is which. It's a minor point, but one that would make life quite a bit easier for me.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why to jailbreak iphone?

If the iphone is jailbroke then it is able to run 3rd party applications. This is not legal and so Apple is updating its firmware so that they can stop this 3rd party applications to be downloaded. It is only legal to download and purchase applications from the Apple Store, there is a vast database of applications available to download from App Store.

That's where jailbreaking iPhones comes in. It's entirely possible to do this wrong and damage your iPhone's programming, however, so unless you're really comfortable working with apps and you understand cell phone technology and programming a little, doing it on your own probably isn't a great idea.

If,however, you can follow instructions and you're really comfortable tinkering with the functionality of your iPhone, then you can jailbreak iPhone cell phones on your own, usually for free.

Jailbreaking your iPhone for Free

A quick online search will give you several options on how to jailbreak your iPhone for nothing. It's not just a process you can follow on your own, however. Software does have to be downloaded onto your phone. And you always want to make sure that software is coming from a reputable source. Cell phones like iPhones can fall prey to viruses and malicious code just like computers can. So if you're in doubt about a source of software, don't use it.

A quick online search will give you several options on how to jailbreak your iPhone for nothing.It's not just a process you can follow on your own,however. Software does have to be downloaded onto your phone. And you always want to make sure that software is coming from a reputable source.Cell phones like iPhones can fall prey to viruses and malicious code just like computers can. So if you're in doubt about a source of software, don't use it.

Once you find the software you want to use to jailbreak iPhone cell phones, you need only to download it and follow that software vendor's step-by-step directions. Unfortunately, the software is always necessary so you do take a chance anytime you download software from any source besides the official Apple vendors. But you can also opt to jailbreak your phone with a paid service, and that will erase most if not all of the risk.

Jailbreaking your iPhone for a Fee

This is the option that is best for most people, especially those who might be a bit nervous about messing up their iPhone. While this does cost, the cost is generally a one-time, affordable fee that ranges somewhere between $20 - $50 dollars, depending on the company.

You pay the fee and then download their software. The big benefit of doing this is that these companies constantly update their software to work with the latest iPhone firmware updates. So you won't be downloading free software that might not have been updated recently enough, and alters your phone just enough to keep it from working properly.

Instead, you'll get software designed for the latest unlock iPhone updates. And most of these companies offer guarantees that their software will work without damaging your phone, as well as technical support if you run into problems. Some have forums for discussing the latest 3rd party downloads you can enjoy after you jailbreak your phone.

And a big benefit is that when your firmware updates or your iTunes updates and happens to relock your phone, you can simply run the unlock software again at no extra cost.